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ANT Matriculation School,

(Reg.No. 5852/A3/2015 Dt. 03.02.2016),

Asiriyar Nagar, Tirupattur 635 601. (VLR Dt.),

04179 – 227605.

1. The history of our School:

  The Teacher’s Welfare Association was formed and registered in 1973 for the purpose of providing houses to them.
  Under the Presidentialship of Mr. R. Parthasarathy and Prof. Ratna Natarajan as the Secretary it was started with 71 teachers as the members of the Association.
Asiriyar Nagar and neighboring Ashok Nagar residents were in need of an English medium school. So, the Teachers Welfare Association decided to start an English medium school in the name “ANT English School” at no.7, Asiriyar Nagar with 7 students in 1977 with 3 teachers.
  In 1987, ANT English School felt the need of a full-fledged school and hence, 7 class rooms were constructed at the cost of Rs. 2.5 lakhs by the ANT Educational Trust.
  Gradually, it had grown into 2 storeyed building accommodating upto VIII standard.
  In 2002, the School celebrated its Silver Jubilee in a grand manner.

2. The Aims and Goals:

The Aims and goals of the School naturally a supreme one as it is inaugurated by the Teachers only and founded by the Scholars in the field of education.

to bring out a model School to create good citizens of the country above all to inculcate the quality in imparting education through ethical values by incorporating subject oriented teaching.

3. Academic Approach:

We know fully well that effective Teaching is essential for upbringing the quality. Teachers and their good teaching is primarily important for the expected outcome for this to improve the better quality among teachers we conduct the resource training in all subjects. Educational Journals, Newspaper columns supplemented by our good library to horn and widen their horizons in skill developments which will in turn useful to our pupils.

4. Examinations and Evaluation:

Objective and summative evaluation methods are employed by teachers of various subjects periodically and at the end of terms and annually. We follow retensive & intensive methods for completing the effective understanding of subjects. The employing of evaluation tools are not only separating the pupils according to their grades but to enhance them for future betterment in their achievements.

5. Counseling:

The attainments and performances are intimated to the parents and counseling is given for the improvement of every student.

6. Facilities:

The ANT Matriculation School has a strength of 350 students with twenty well trained staff and five non-teaching staff. Well ventilated class rooms, Laboratory facilities, fully equipped library and Computer lab, RO Water facilities, well maintained toilets are special features of the school. For the benefit of the students, the Trust operates a van for the needy pupils.

7. Extra- curricular activities:

PRAYER - SPORTS - UNIFORM We give regular practice in sports and games. Our students participate in zonal, district level sports events and win prizes. We conduct Sports Day with pamp and pride on the Republic Day. We invite the eminent sports personalities to take part in our sports day and the prizes are distributed to the winners.

8. Festivals and Funtions:

Every year, we celebrate the Pongal, the Deepawali , all National Festivals, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day.
Food Festivals and Science Exhibitions are very popular among our locality.


We have language Associations, Mathematics, Science and Social Science Associations, Parent Teacher Association is functioning regularly . We appreciate the parent's involvement in this regard.

The teachers Welfare Association which was formed to provide plots and houses also felt the need of the English medium school and started the ANT English school at No 7 Asiriyarnagar with 7 children in 1977.

Now, a full fledge school providing good atmosphere for teaching the kids is effectively felt by the needy people.

The School celebrated its silver jubilee on 2nd, 3rd march 2002. The 7 class rooms, stage and two class rooms on top of it, and a full playground were the achievements of our management.

The demolition of the pride come in the name 7 extension 7 the rood and construction of a highway bride on its side. The government has taken an area of 2.6 acres for the said upliftment. Now, the school is formatting without a proper playground and auditorium.

We celebrated the 40th annual day on 02.03.2017 with simple and fine manner.

Our students who gather knowledge from our staff, is all over the world with good credentials. It is hardly felt that lack of connectivity provides a considerable gap between the alumni and the management.

Our aim:

To get in touch with the alumni.

To purchase land for playground.

To provide the continues education and credentials to our students.

To coach the students of tomorrow and post them in the apt place.









ANT Matriculation School belives in providing students with quality education and celebrates positive attitude, effort and achievements. We aim to provide an authentic, engaging, and innovative idea that nurtures and empowers the whole child in a dynamic learning environment.

ANT Matriculation School is reflected in its logo. "Each Child is unique in its nature". The system of education should meet each Child it its unique way. This will help your Child to meet head on the Challenges offered by the 21st Century.

ANT Schoolis a Matriculation syllabus based school and provides a challenging academic curriculum where each and every student receives a great deal of individual attention, encouragement and support to do their very best..

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